Marc's CUSTOM Bonuses!

Only Available Here!

Bonus 1 - Speaker - Page to Speech Plugin (Speaker is a WordPress Plugin designed to converts website page content into human-like speech. The plugin uses the latest technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence to play a high-quality human voice and add an audio player with content to the page.)

Bonus 2 - Voiceover Freelance Agency Website (Create and manage all your voiceover projects. Project Tasks You can add tasks to any project. Support Tickets Let your Clients open tickets to keep track of any incident. It also supports email tickets. Project Timer This will help you to track the time you have spent on a project.)

Bonus 3 - Mass Email, Voice & SMS Marketing System (What if you could send mass SMS or email to clients or customers from your own server? What if you had international members who also need to receive announcements through SMS? This is the manager you need. You can store important member information as name, phone, email, birthday, address, zip code, gender and even photo. You can even group these members and send sms or email to a particular group.)

Bonus 4 - ALL 20 PLUS Vendor Bonuses (This is a collection of software and training, actually good for vendor bonuses)

Bonus 5 - Online Viral Marketing Secrets (2 main PDFs 12 HD Videos - It is no secret that being able to get a picture, video or post viral will bring you in a ton of traffic, sales and attention grabbing followers. Very powerful training)

Bonus 6 - Blogging For Massive Profits (main course PDF - Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos Start learning from the very beginning how to create a money making Blog or Website and scale up to a full time income from your site. Lots of clever traicks in the setting up stage right through to the driving traffic and making money stage. Then scale up to have a huge part of Online propertly - Great training)

Bonus 7 - Magnetic Power VIDEO Marketing (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. New and one of the most powerful video marketing trainings out there. If you thought that you already knew about video marketing and YouTube then this will blow your mind.)

Bonus 8 - Marcs Private Coaching Secrets (I created this 40 Minute video which shows you how to get a complete unfair advantage over anyone else who uses YouTube. I show you how to get started with a Channel with 100's of subcribers and literally cut off as much as 10 years of YouTube channel growth.I HAVE NEVER shared these secrets outside of my 5000 Dollar coaching. This will give you an advantage unlike anything you can imagine. This is so powerful people could say it is Blackhat (But of course it is NOT). If you buy this course without this bonus you will really regret it!)

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